To do list

Saturday’s chores:

weed front yard
plant kupukupu ferns, ti, ohai, (1/17) pohinahina, and hibiscus
mow grass in front of and on the south side of the house
golden pothos into planter  (1/17)
– sand & stain mirror frames
hang mirrors in tv/living room

at least I did some.

1/17 – did some more.


The Sundays

The Honolulu Marathon swung by my little corner of the city this morning. There was a Satohap station along the route … I wonder if other marathons in the US have something similar.

Finally got to plant my crotons this afternoon I’ve had them in pots since late October.

In bloom

Found these plants that my wife bought a year ago languishing in the backyard. They had somehow survived the house renovation earlier this year so I set out to revive them a month ago. I am most definitely not a green thumb and neither is my wife. I just repotted both with a combination of potting soil, compost and black cinder then started watering on a regular schedule. Now both are doing better and starting to bloom … well I think the crown of thorns is budding flowers those things on the top don’t look like leaves.