Library stuff

What happens at work is something I would not usually record but IT Support tried to pull a fast one last night by switching my library system’s old catalog with a “new more powerful” information portal. The forced migration was prompted by the disappearance of the Search tab. 

Needless to say the attempt crashed and burned spectacularly. Dozens of emails and in person complaints from the state’s library users was enough to temporarily restore the “old” public access catalog. The following images are from the “new catalog” and one major problem is neither shows the availabilty of said item.

This item is very popular right now and I know they can’t all be siiting on the shelves at these libraries.
Lastly the software to run our digital media content are older versions and in need of updates. For example the OverDrive Media Console on the staff PCs can’t even download much less play the audiobooks and ebooks in my library’s collection.

Well that’s enough whining back to more pleasant things in my next entry.