Weekly rap

Looking forward to a three day weekend. No real plans I just want to hit the beach a couple of times with the family. The only thing that might interfere is the tile guy fixing my shower floor. He wants to come Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday to finish the job. Inconvenient for us but me and the wife get our shower back sooner,  just gotta roll with it I guess.

Planning to paddle Sunday morning with my crew, tentative time set at 6:30 a.m. I have practice this afternoon hopefully it doesn’t involve changes, still worried about my rib.

Well gotta enjoy this holiday because this is it until Veteran’s Day.


End of summer

Spent three days and nights at a beach house in Punaluu. Had such a fun time and it was a great way for the kids and their cousins to end their summer. The only junk thing for me was overreacting when the 4 went far out in a kayak. I have to trust my kids but sometimes I lose my rationale and overreact.

C & C started school yesterday I hope they both have a good year. So nice having them both on the same schedule again. Today is only the second day of school but it sure is funny with only me and K at home after 6:30. The younger one is a little bummed she doesn’t have friends yet at her new school but she has to give it time and also put herself out there. The older one I have to let go of and just let him become his own person he’s braver and stronger than I ever was in school.

I have to be nicer to my children they’re already going through their own stuff with growing up, school, and friends they don’t need a crazy, angry father compounding all that. I haven’t done a good job with the older one and I maybe close to ruining our relationship. Patience,  trust, unconditional love for my children and the individuals they are becoming. I also have to remember to not project who I am and what I went through at their age onto them they are their own selves.

To paraphrase Samuel Jackson from Pulp Fiction I have to try really hard to be that man.

Gonna try to end this on a light note the pup is still with us and my backyard has survived another summer, barely. Going back to practice with the club today hope my rib holds up and I can keep up after being out a month.