End of summer

Spent three days and nights at a beach house in Punaluu. Had such a fun time and it was a great way for the kids and their cousins to end their summer. The only junk thing for me was overreacting when the 4 went far out in a kayak. I have to trust my kids but sometimes I lose my rationale and overreact.

C & C started school yesterday I hope they both have a good year. So nice having them both on the same schedule again. Today is only the second day of school but it sure is funny with only me and K at home after 6:30. The younger one is a little bummed she doesn’t have friends yet at her new school but she has to give it time and also put herself out there. The older one I have to let go of and just let him become his own person he’s braver and stronger than I ever was in school.

I have to be nicer to my children they’re already going through their own stuff with growing up, school, and friends they don’t need a crazy, angry father compounding all that. I haven’t done a good job with the older one and I maybe close to ruining our relationship. Patience,  trust, unconditional love for my children and the individuals they are becoming. I also have to remember to not project who I am and what I went through at their age onto them they are their own selves.

To paraphrase Samuel Jackson from Pulp Fiction I have to try really hard to be that man.

Gonna try to end this on a light note the pup is still with us and my backyard has survived another summer, barely. Going back to practice with the club today hope my rib holds up and I can keep up after being out a month.