Late for practice

My alarm went off at 6am this morning and I hit snooze. Big mistake. I woke up again at 6:52 and I scramble to get out of the house and to the beach before the boats hit the water. I get to the beach and I see two boats sitting in the channel pointed towards Diamond Head, I’m too late. I recognize a paddler from the women’s team and just like me she missed her crew by minutes. What to do what to do? We both have choice parking, beach is crowded this Sunday morning because of the holiday and a south swell, and it seems nothing else to do so early in the day so we stay and talk story for the next couple of hours until the crews come in.


My sweet summer

Summer is wrapping up in four days for the kids. The family went on a vacation, two years since our last and two years since I’ve been off the island. Although K and the kids went on a trip in June to L.A. but I didn’t go. For our trip we went to Washington and Portland. The first week we were there was spent on Whidbey Island. Lots of crab, gathering clams and mussels,  fishing, and berry picking. It was an enjoyable time! The second week of our trip felt like we were constantly on the go. Camping at River Meadows in Stanwood, driving to Portland for a few nights then back to Seattle.
It was a very good trip no major meltdowns by anyone, well maybe K who decided to wear jeans on the hottest day in Seattle this summer. Even I behaved rather well for the most part being very patient with my kids. I must work really hard in the coming months to exercise the patience and restraint I exhibited on this trip. I just re-read my post from the end of last summer and I failed miserably with the kids last year. I’m running out of time especially with the older one. As I reflect on the year so far I have not made much of an effort to reestablish and strengthen my connection with my kids. I feel for them I had hoped that both would have a more active social life and an activity that each excelled at to give them self-confidence but it has not happened.
So just like last year I pledge to rebuild my relationship with the kids, be kinder to them, and not be so quick to anger. I’ll check back at the end of this year to see how I’m doing.