New camera

So I lost the Olympus Tough I’ve had for 4 years a couple of Fridays ago. It’s sitting on the bottom of the ocean somewhere off Kaimana Beach near the windsock. I was just starting to really like that camera and learn how to use it too. It was great for taking pics during paddling practice and I wanted to bring it with me for the fam’s vacation next June. Granted the pic quality was not the best, 8 mbs, and it was super sloooww but it was near indestructible and waterproof.
I ordered a replacement and received it last Friday my first impression was it didn’t feel as solid or ‘Tough’ in build as the previous one and it was lighter also, I had gotten used to the weight of the older model it was like carrying a brick. What I am very impressed with is the picture quality is way better, 16 mbs, and the shutter speed is much faster. Can’t wait to bring it out on the ocean I just have to remember to secure my shorts pocket.


Work stuff TLT YA programming

Teen Librarian Toolbox is a blog I follow for work I like reading Karen Jensen’s book reviews but especially her professional development posts like this one.

TLT: Teen Librarian’s Toolbox: Sunday Reflections: Sometimes We Are Our Own Worst…: When I was in high school, the movie Platoon came out. I had the soundtrack and on one of the tracks there was a bit of spoken dialogue in i…