Late night

Last night I helped Kim assemble the kids’ costumes for Halloween. I believe this is the first time I have helped her with her annual project. I give her a hard time about making costumes for the kids still especially since they’re 12 and 15 now. But I’m glad she still does it and the kids are still very into dressing up for the holiday. This year’s costume was particularly labor intensive but then again all of Kim’s projects are.  It’s amazing what a hot glue gun, lots of fabric,  coffee, and the ability/willingness to trash an idea and start over in the wee hours of night can become. The costumes turned out awesome as usual and the kids seemed happy/relieved that their mother’s latest creation turned out good. A salute to my wife who does this all nighter every year and my kids who willingly wear her latest fever creation.


Off season paddling

A few paddlers from the club wanted to continue training through the off season so they could stay in shape and work on paddling technique. I joined them for the first time last Wednesday and counting me only four showed up. It was nice to be on the water and the session was a good one for me. I’m definitely not as fit as I was in July the combination of going on a trip in August and then continuing to miss practices in September took away the strength and endurance I built up during the early summer. I just hope we can keep these practices going through the end of the year. Last Friday only three of  us showed and we didn’t go out because our steersman didn’t show up. I gotta say that eroded my commitment and enthusiasm a little. I was apprehensive driving down to the club site today and my gut feeling was right only three of us showed again. I was afraid we were gonna call off the practice because none of us know how to steer. However one of the senior paddlers told us to take out the four man canoe and the three of us take turns steering. It turned out to be a good practice I cannot steer a lick but at least the other two guys can … somewhat. It was fun to be on the water and I got to try the one seat I had not paddled yet. This afternoon’s session has me looking forward to Wednesday’s practice I’m just hoping enough guys show up to fill a boat, any boat.

Taiko program

I hosted a taiko drumming program today and it went well. I was a little worried at first because there was no one around 10 minutes before the start. I had a flashback of no one coming like my last program. At 5 to people started showing up and more continued coming in during the first number to makeup a good sized crowd. It was loud but not close to what I expected and best of all no complaints from library users. Music programs have done well at the library we’ve had excellent performers and good attendance, plus it’s a great venue with the musicians under the large window and the building’s awesome acoustics. Hope my next program goes as well as today’s.

My season is done

Went down to the club site this afternoon to pickup my paddle I lent someone and to wish the guys going to Molokai good luck on Sunday’s race. Sprint season was done in July and I continued practicing through distance but I didn’t get to paddle a race. I missed most of August and September plus the club kept losing paddlers for one reason or another. Some practices the number of paddlers filled only one boat. Maybe more guys will show up next season and what I’m really hoping for is an organized off season paddling program. Weightlifting on off days from practice helped me I definitely felt stronger this season compared to last, I made some small progress with my technique and hopefully I’ll continue to improve next year. I have to run this off season to build up my cardio I had a hard time during sprint season one more goal to keep me busy.

Saturday snaps

Nothing like an early morning 2 mile run especially when I’m not doing it. Haha bad joke, I’m glad I saw my girl run today she did so good. I like that she’s competing,  getting fit, and pushing her body and mind.

I like the last snap because I made the Ala Wai look good. Today was gorgeous so hard going into work on days like this. Hah! like I would’ve done something to enjoy the day.