Waahila Ridge

This morning I went on a short hike with the wife and dog. The Waahila Ridge Trail is located at the top of St. Louis Heights and gives good views of the southeast and southwest sides of Oahu. We walked to the split in the trail which is about a mile and a half from the start, the trail that splits off to the left, Kolowalu, leads into Manoa Valley. The trail splitting to the right is the Waahila Ridge which goes to Mt.  Olympus and gives good views of the south, east, and west sides of Oahu. I’d like to do this trail another time without the dog. The portion we hiked today took us a little over two hours round trip but we were going at a slow pace because of muddy conditions on portions of the trail. I liked this hike  because it’s not too hard and the views of the city are spectacular definitely one I’d like to do again.

View of Diamond Head and Palolo Valley in the bright morning sun.

View of Honolulu and Manoa Valley.


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