Out and about Honolulu

There’s nothing like paddling a 400 pound canoe and 800+ pounds of men into a wave no matter what size it is. That’s always the best part of practice for me after paddling 6+ miles, the 10 second ride makes it all worth the hard work I’ve put in for the last hour. I always feel so connected to this place I call home when I’m playing in the ocean.

Surfing Pops with the OC-6
Good Friday went parasailing with the fam. I was so worried about getting seasick sitting on the boat that I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy myself. I took the precaution of taking a motion sickness pill and I think it helped me. I had a great time on the water and the parasailing was awesome not scary at all, it was so very peaceful in the air and the scenery cannot be beat. I’m glad the wifey put this together.