Massive Star Wars omnibus

This oversize TPB, Vol. 2 of a set of 3, is not for the library but my personal collection. I bought it from Amazon for $38 the regular price on this book is $125. Quite the bargain for 800+ pages. I really want to get Vol.1 which has the adaptation of the Empire Strikes Back but the price on that one is not as deeply discounted. I remember having a copy of that comic when Empire came out, actually I don’t remember seeing the movie in the theater but at least I had the adaptation. I don’t know when I’l get around to reading this but it’s been fun so far leafing through the book.


Comics or how I’m starting to own my lifelong interest

I am a Young Adult Librarian at a small branch library in Hawaii. One of the best things about my line of work is I get to purchase trade paperbacks with my teeny tiny budget. So along with the new material being released by DC and Marvel, for my mostly adult male library users, I get to acquire the trades which collect the older classic characters/storylines from the respective company’s backlog. Here are two of my most recent purchases.