Anuenue’s koa canoe

This morning at 5:45 am some members of the canoe club were down at Keehi Lagoon assisting with the water lining of the club’s koa canoe Ka’ala. The koa has been in the shop being restored since 2013 when I joined the club. The restoration in my eyes is outstanding I have learned that the canoe was lengthened by 3 feet and sections of the canoe that had been damaged or worn were replaced. I did not know what water lining a canoe meant so I made the effort to get to the lagoon at the crack of dawn on a Sunday. OHCRA officials were present to weigh the koa, 437 lbs., and to measure its length, 44 feet + a few inches. The koa was then put into the water and loaded with 1500 lbs. of lead. Two officials with chalk then went from bow to stern tracing the actual water line of the canoe at predetermined spots. Apparently the canoe must meet a specific level of buoyancy at the bow, middle, and stern of the boat. The canoe passed specs so I assume it’s ready to race this upcoming regatta season. This morning was a great learning experience for me and made me appreciate this sport that is such a big part of my life now.


Ka’ala’s nose

Ka’ala’s butt

Water line measurements