Monday musing

Monday mornings I usually take my dog for a walk and for the past year and a half I have been taking him to Hunakai Beach so he can go off leash. The last couple of months I have also been taking him to Diamond Head for a change and the variety is good for me too. The length of the walk is nearly the same about 1.75 miles roundtrip but the beach is much cleaner, not nearly as much trash left on the sand by beachgoers. I don’t let him off leash for the length of the walk because there are more properties along the shore with no fencing like Hunakai, I don’t feel like chasing hm in someone’s yard if he gets too curious. One plus of the no or lower fences is I get to see the houses that are setback from the beach. So here are some house porn shots I took, with my daughter’s old iPhone 4S, from this morning’s walk.

Here’s my boy.

Nice modern style Hawaii house perfect for the beach.

A larger version of a Hawaiian beach house with a nice wrap around lanai with part of it covered.
Then there are the houses with all the glass.

Some take styling queues from the Mediterranean, can’t really tell from this pic but the house is pink.