Batman v Superman

i finally got to see the big DC movie of the year almost two months after it premiered. I’ve listened to numerous podcasts and heard all the spoilers about the movie and all the negative reviews. Here are my thoughts on the movie that I thought was entertaining and which I ended up liking. Ben Affleck did a great job as Bruce Wayne/Batman and Gail Gadot as Wonder Woman was next level, I absolutely loved her music when Wonder Woman first showed up. Henry Cavill is great as Clark Kent and okay as Superman but I think he would be lights out if his role was better written. Zack Snyder’s direction was over the top and tried so hard to be epic the entire time kind of like being at a rock concert with the volume turned to 11 and no change. The movie laid the groundwork for the upcoming Justice League movie and I have to admit I’m looking forward to it and I’m especially interested in the Wonder Woman movie. Lots of stories coming from DC to movie land in the next couple years hopefully the movies only get better.