Wednesday paddling

Today was hard getting motivated to go to practice. When I left work it was raining and windy, I didn’t know if anyone was going to show so I was a little apprehensive driving to the beach. What got me going was driving along the Ala Wai and seeing boats in the water and the crews not seeming to mind the weather. When I got to my practice site I saw my guys there and I felt ready to go, it was great too that we were able to fill two boats. We did 6 miles starting from the Magic Island buoy to the outside international buoy to Kewalo buoy and back to Magic Island non-stop. It was a hard paddle workout but felt good because my boat ran pretty good.

Hard to tell from the pic but it was worse than it looks here, the practice site when I first got there the rain had just passed and it was cold and windy.

Did sprints at Kaiser’s before heading in shore.

End of practice comparison no rain, light wind, and it actually felt warmer.

Tonight’s route.