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Activities include:

Comics read
Amazing Spider-Man: 101
X-Factor: 25
Fantastic Four: 257
Incredible Hulk: 181
Justice League: 43, 44

Work related
I volunteered at the annual Friends of the Library booksale on Monday the 20th. A first for me and a return to the sale after close to 20 years. The school cafeteria where it is held was just as warm as I remember it and the heat took a toll on me because I was done at the end of my day. 

On Sunday the 19th, Father’s Day, I got a sweet present from my family who spent the day with me at Nanakuli Beach the site of my third regatta race. Nanakuli is one my favorite places to race the water is so blue and clear and the start is just beyond the shorebreak so its a fast out, three turns, and back in sprint. I’m glad my family had a good time out there they really enjoyed the water. My crew did not do well again because our turns are slower than the other teams, this is where the other boats gain on us. 

My view of the race I snuck a camera on the boat and snapped this pic at the starting line.
Green flag means go Novice A crew! Thanks for the photo Dr. Pete Caldwell.

I did not attend a single practice this past week, I’m already afraid of the pain this coming Monday. No canoe race for me on Sunday the 26th because my wife has a luncheon planned.



The second regatta race was held on Sunday in Kailua and the boy followed me. I was very grateful that he came with me and kept me company on the drive over the Pali, not much talk between us but at least he spent time with me. I had hoped my crew would do better than our 6th place finish but we had the wind and chop, along with bad timing, a collision at the second turn, and another near miss at the third turn going against us in one wild race. Live and learn, shake it off and on to Nanakuli for our third race on Father’s Day.

First turn in a three turn race.

Following the footnotes

Doing some comics reading and also catching up with a favorite podcast Alan Middleton’s Quarter-Bin in which he reviews Marvel Two-in One no. 57. I have a hard copy of this comic but of course I couldn’t find it in my collection so I brought it up on Marvel Unlimited and started reading it before I listened to the podcast. Halfway through the book I came across the first of several editor’s notes and jotted down it and the subsequent comics listed. One of the best features of Marvel Unlimited is the convenience in which I can find the listed back issues and enrich my reading experience. Not all the comics noted are available digitally but I find them more often than not, I have since added in my to read books Amazing Spider-Man no. 187 and Avengers no. 126. Looking forward to reading those back issues and coming across more editor’s notes.

Saturday Sunday Monday


I went to a high school graduation for the first time in years this last weekend, well sort of. I was one of dozens of Junior parents who helped clean up the graduation site after the ceremony was done. Many hands made fast work and then the wifey and I assisted with check-in for the grad night party. The boy is going to be a Senior come August and the girl will be a Freshman. This past weekend was a little preview for what’s going to happen next June. This past school year was a successful one I felt for both my kids. The boy did a big school production and was involved in several smaller ones, he finally did a varsity sport and I particularly enjoyed going to his meets. The girl did her second year of middle school sports and she picked up the guitar at the end of the school year. The boy did well academically again and he even got a girlfriend. The girl not so strong in school like her brother but socially she’s fine with a core group of friends.

Graduation night chaos.


First regatta race of the summer season at Keehi and my Novice A crew was the first to paddle and race in the club’s newly restored koa canoe. It was a great honor and I felt so proud to race in our canoe and not have to borrow one from another club. My crew finished fifth out of nine boats entered in our division and our time of 8m 17.5s was okay but I think we can improve on that and distance ourselves further from the pack. This is definitely the biggest and strongest crew I’ve been on and I hope we only improve, I feel really good about our chances of racing in the July 4th MacFarlane Invitational and the State Championships in August.

Rigging the newly restored Ka’ala, lashing the iako to the canoe.

Lashing the ama to the iako.

The Ka’ala’s first race in several years.


In reaction to last summer’s record breaking heat we had air conditioning installed at home on Monday and we even got to use it a little that night. The AC installer and electricians were working at the house for most of the day but after they left, in the late afternoon, I had a chance to walk the Boston at the beach and even shoot a little house porn.

DC Comics Rebirth

So I bought single issue comics for the first time in decades. The local comic shop I bought the books from is called Other Realms and located just outside of Downtown Honolulu in an industrial area. The store is clean and seems new I’ve gone the last two Fridays after paddling practice and there’s some customer traffic going through. The comics I bought are DC Universe Rebirth #1 and Justice League #50, they were a bought week apart and I’m out of luck as far as getting a hardcopy of Superman #52.  I ended up buying a digital copy of Superman and skimmed through it last night, if there’s a second printing I may purchase a hardcopy. The Rebirth issue was a good read and there were enough callbacks to my era of comic buying, pre-Crisis, so the story kept me engaged and entertained. The Flash will always be Barry Allen for me even though he was never a favorite character of mine. I hope this latest rebirth DC is going through will give the company a direction and focus on stories that are more escapist and not so set in a hard reality. I’ve always believed that comics are at their best when the stories, for lack of a better description, embrace and initiates the reader into a sense of disbelief because comics are a genre of fantasy. Well I’ve got two more comics to read so I better get to them before my interest wanes, but I’ll definitely be following what DC is doing over the next few months just to see if anything else piques my interest.