DC Comics Rebirth

So I bought single issue comics for the first time in decades. The local comic shop I bought the books from is called Other Realms and located just outside of Downtown Honolulu in an industrial area. The store is clean and seems new I’ve gone the last two Fridays after paddling practice and there’s some customer traffic going through. The comics I bought are DC Universe Rebirth #1 and Justice League #50, they were a bought week apart and I’m out of luck as far as getting a hardcopy of Superman #52.  I ended up buying a digital copy of Superman and skimmed through it last night, if there’s a second printing I may purchase a hardcopy. The Rebirth issue was a good read and there were enough callbacks to my era of comic buying, pre-Crisis, so the story kept me engaged and entertained. The Flash will always be Barry Allen for me even though he was never a favorite character of mine. I hope this latest rebirth DC is going through will give the company a direction and focus on stories that are more escapist and not so set in a hard reality. I’ve always believed that comics are at their best when the stories, for lack of a better description, embrace and initiates the reader into a sense of disbelief because comics are a genre of fantasy. Well I’ve got two more comics to read so I better get to them before my interest wanes, but I’ll definitely be following what DC is doing over the next few months just to see if anything else piques my interest.