Summer vacation part 2

More pics from Japan.

House front in Hirai

Godzilla Resurgence had its premiere on July 29th. Toho’s reboot of Godzilla and the studio’s first in 12 years. Went to see it with the kids we were all disappointed but still geeky cool to have watched it in Japan.




Summer vacation pt. 1

The family vacation was Japan this summer from late July to mid August. It was our first international trip and we had a blast! Tokyo totally kicked our asses with its heat and humidity but such a great city to get lost in and wander around to discover stuff. That actually played out in all the cities we visited which included Sendai and Sapporo. I plan to write more posts and post photos as I sort through my assorted memory cards. Here are my first collection of photos.

View of Arakawa River from our AirBnB in Tokyo.
Cabins at Gassan Pole Pole Farm in Yamagata Prefecture.
Mount Gassan first summit.
New Chitose Airport gate numbers.

Back to the grind

Regatta season ended several weeks ago in an anticlimactic way for me and my club. For one I went on a family vacation the weekend of the Oahu championship races and two the regatta was cancelled anyway due to debris and unsafe water quality at the race venue.

I’ve rejoined my club for long distance practices and my first was Wednesday after a three week long break. I felt good and not winded after that practice but I was in the slowest boat and in seat 5. Friday’s practice I was with a faster crew in seat three and I’m definitely feeling some wear on my body this morning. Sunday practice at 7 am so I better get a good night’s rest and set my alarm correctly.

Friday’s practice route.