End of Summer

A quick summary of my activities since my last post nearly a month ago. Over the Labor Day weekend I traveled with the fam to Kona so I could do the Queen Lilioukalani long distance race. Unfortunately I blacked out prior to the race and was unable to participate. Needless to say I was very disappointed because I had been preparing myself for this race and I was looking forward to doing it since another crew from my club did it last year and had a great experience. Also due to my black out I was held out from work and could not drive. I got the OK from my cardiologist to drive and work last week and a few days later I got the go ahead for recreational paddling. I have yet to get back in a boat but I am looking forward to doing it and also a little apprehensive, I’m afraid of being out of paddling shape already.

Looks like there is more travel in the future for the fam as a group and individually. The girl is going to Cuba at the beginning of the New Year with a school group and the wife is going on a girls only trip with her buddies. There is a strong possibility we maybe travelling next Spring Break and next Summer. The summer trip will be the boy’s graduation gift and he is interested in traveling to Italy before starting college next Fall. Lastly I want to go to Kona again next year and do the Liliou so I can get my first long distance race notched onto my paddle.


Summer vacation pt. 3

One constant sight during our time in Tokyo was its SkyTree Tower. We had views of it right our front door and in the sunroom.

Photo taken from the observation deck of the SkyTree during a cloudy sunset.