On the agenda

There is one trip with the family already confirmed for next March a tour of Shanghai. The girl is off to Cuba in December and will spend the first week of the New Year there. Another one that has been discussed for next summer is a trip to Europe with Italy and Spain on the top of the list. Lastly at the end of next summer is a trip to drop off the boy wherever he decides to go to college. Lots of miles in the air for the family these next 10 months.

Paddling has wrapped up and my club’s long distance crew will be doing the Molokai this Sunday. The only time I will be able to get in a boat for the next few months is on Sundays with Kamehameha CC if they run an off season paddling program. Not having a regular exercise schedule for means I have to find activities that will get me out and about. There is a club called the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club that takes members and non-members on hikes all over Oahu. I convinced my wife to go on one at the end of October and there is another in November that I have an interest in. For my next post I’ll load pics and my opinion on the hike.