Latest roll of film processed and scanned on Tuesday and my first from an SLR the Olympus OM2. Overall I’m pleased with the pictures I took there were a few misfires and I made a huge mistake by rewinding my film the wrong way and then opening the film compartment. I lost the last few pictures I took at my children’s carnival. Oh well lesson learned. Lastly I’m very happy with the higher resolution scans I requested this time. Here’s a sampling of my photos, shot with Kodak Ultramax 400, with no alterations some are dark due to photographer error hopefully my skills will continue to develop and I’ll take less under exposed pictures. The plan this weekend is more photos at the Carnival.

First picture on the OM2.


Playing with the shutter speed so I could snap the truck on Kapahulu Avenue.
Boston Terrier mash up.
Film compartment opened.