Film on Friday 6

A special Flashback Friday Film on Friday edition. I travelled to the Eternal City this past Summer and I managed to take a similar photograph of one from 21 summers ago.

St Peters 1996
Original taken during my first trip to Rome in the Summer of 1996. Camera used Olympus Stylus.
Photo Oct 06, 8 10 31 AM
Enhanced original using Photoshop Express. I believe that is me on the right of the photo, back towards the camera staring above.
St Peters 2017 2
Similar photograph taken on my second visit in June 2017. Camera used Nikon 6006 with 20-35mm, F 2.8 lens.
My lens set at its widest and trying to take in the massiveness of St. Peter’s. (Nikon 6006 w/20-35mm, F2.8)