Film on Friday 15: revisiting my problem

An addendum of a sort to the Film on Friday 12 post.

Roll call:

Canon FTbn working.

Minolta Alpha 7 working and feels oh so good in my hands.

Minolta X-700 working.

Minolta XD-11 eBay purchase and the second model I’ve bought, working.

Minolta XD-s eBay purchase third model and it works too. I want to love these XD cameras but I don’t. Little superficial things bother me like the too sensitive shutter release and the slippery feel of the camera skin.

Nikon F4 eBay purchase working but the film auto feed is tricky I’ve lost one roll because it didn’t spool correctly and another I had to rewind early. Otherwise I like shooting it and it takes great photos.

Nikon FM working.

Olympus OM4 working.

Ricoh 500 GX a teeny tiny rangefinder about the same size as the Olympus 35 RC but this fits my hands better. It takes terrific photos and no light leaks apparent in the first roll despite the light seals being beat to hell.

Cameras with rolls in progress:

Minolta SRT Super

Nikkormat FT2

Olympus 35 SP


Minolta XE-7 just because …

Pentax ME Super my second purchase of this model. Cheaper to buy another one than repair my first purchase.