Notes from home

I’ve been at home sheltering in place since Friday, March 20th.

I was supposed to return to work after April 3rd but my leave has been extended until the 30th.

My wife and daughter have been at home since the 16th.

This year my children were supposed to have a Spring Break that overlapped but our vacation plan was cancelled on the 12th. Due to the pandemic Disney World closed its parks after March 15th, our first day at Disney would have been the 16th.

This is my daughter’s senior year of high school and so far her Senior Prom and Holoku Pageant have been cancelled. Her graduation ceremony maybe in jeapordy also. She begins online classes on April 1st for possibly the remainder of her academic year. She is also considering deferring her first year of college.

My son returned home from college on the 23rd and he will finish the rest of his semester online. Currently he is in self quarantine for 14 days just in case. Luckily my mother in law was kind enough to offer up her home so he could be in isolation. She’s getting into the habit of binge watching with me and the wife, we’ve just started “The Outsider” with her.

My dog has the whole family, minus my son for 2 weeks, at home for a while. He’s been getting at least one very long walk everyday since the crisis.