Binge watching

My September in review. I broke the ama (outrigger) of my one man canoe and also damaged the hull catching a wave at a surf break off Waikiki. Had it repaired and also had the rudder restored and cables replaced since it went into the boat shop. Took a good chunk of the month but now it is sea worthy again.

So what to do to pass the time with my boat out of commission and the island locked down again. Binge watch Westerns and appreciate the variety and complexity of these entertaining films. Here’s a list of horse operas that I viewed some quite famous others not so much.

Once upon a time in the west (directed by Sergio Leone)

Day of anger (Lee Van Cleef spaghetti Western)

Day of the outlaw (directed by Andre De Toth)

Brimstone (a Dutch-American joint)

The quick and the dead (directed by Sam Raimi)

The big country (starring Gregory Peck and Charlton Heston)

Man of the west (starring Gary Cooper and directed by Anthony Mann)

Vera Cruz (starring Gary Cooper and Burt Lancaster)

McClintock (the Duke nuff said)

Never grow old (with John Cusack)

In October I’ll be adding some Hammer Films into my queue.