October 2020 binge watch

October has been much the same as September was. I had planned to watch horror films this past month but the desire to do so just wasn’t there although I did mix in some other genres.

Here’s the list of films I viewed:

Another Earth – (2011) a film about two broken people with a sci-fi under current.

Bandolero! – (1968) starring James Stewart, Dean Martin, and Raquel Welch

Barquero – (1970) starring Lee Van Cleef in a spaghetti Western inspired American film.

Bone Tomahawk – (2015) starring Kurt Russell and featuring … Troglodytes

The Burrowers – (2008) a Western/Horror mashup

Children of Men – (2006) directed by Alfonso Cuaron a dystopian thriller that is oh so familiar to reality.

Dead Birds – (2004) another Horror/Western hybrid

For a Few Dollars More – (1965) Starring Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef and directed by Sergio Leone. The second film in the Man with No Name trilogy and IMO the best of the three.

Hannie Caulder – (1971) starring Raquel Welch

The Keeping Room – (2014) set during the end of the Civil War, two sisters and a slave defend themselves from advance soldiers of the Union Army.

The Missing – (2004) starring Cate Blanchett and Tommy Lee Jones directed by Ron Howard. Brujo in the West.

The Naked Spur – (1953) starring James Stewart and directed by Anthony Mann

One Eyed Jacks – (1961) directed by and starring Marlon Brando, shot on location in Monterey, California giving it a look so different from other Westerns.

State of Grace – (1990) starring Sean Penn, Gary Oldman and Ed Harris as Irish mobsters, released the same year as Goodfellas.

The Wild Bunch – (1969) directed by Sam Peckinpah

Will Penny – (1968) starring Charlton Heston as an almost fifty year old cowboy who comes to realize his days on the trail are coming to an end. This film came out the same year with Heston starring in Planet of the Apes.

The Wind – (2018) tells the story of a lady homesteader, with underlying emotional issues, dealing with the psychological effects of the Santa Ana winds.