October 2020 in review

Despite my intention to cease purchasing new to me cameras I go ahead and pick up a Pentax ES II. Currently it is loaded with Fujifilm 200 and I am haphazardly taking test shots. The ES II is paired with a 135mm Super Multi Coated Takumar which facilitates through the lens metering and the camera’s Automatic shooting mode. This combo looks ungainly and in the hands feels unbalanced due to, in my opinion, the length and weight of the lens. I have used the 135mm previously with black & white so I’m curious to see what color images will look like with this glass.

The ES II and 135mm f/2.8 Super Multi Coated Takumar combo.
Paired with the 55mm f/2 SMC Takumar hood attached. The lighter lens on the body is better balanced even with the hood on.

Regarding my other expensive hobby of canoe paddling I wisely made the decision to cancel my order of a new one man boat which was scheduled to arrive in December. I took a demo model out onto the ocean and while it was a great experience to paddle the latest OC-1 with enhancements I feel the learning curve of this boat is too high for me currently. For one I am not disciplined nor motivated enough now to follow a set paddling schedule and most importantly the price for a new canoe is obscenely expensive. I will continue using my 25+ year old boat until I have the inclination and extra cash to upgrade.