November 2020 in review

As if 2020 was not already a tough year for my family September, October, and November were even harder on me personally. Heading into December I am looking forward to the Christmas season. I started putting lights up on my house in mid November just to cheer myself up and my two ladies. Driving around town I already see many homes with their decorations up also.

Even though I have experienced a good share of tragedy this year it has not been entirely horrible. Our daughter graduated high school in May and our son is scheduled to finish college in December. Regarding my daughter who has taken a gap year because of the pandemic my wife and I agree this is an excellent do over compared to her senior year. Our daughter is relaxed, stress free and she is a comfort and a pleasure to have home. Honestly my wife and I were so ready for her to leave this past May.

My wife’s real estate sales have been solid despite Hawaii’s economic downturn and my work also has continued with minimal disruption. We are blessed and I am so grateful that my little family will emerge stronger from this not so excellent year.

My wife’s latest home sale.
Mom’s legacy. RIL 1932-2020.