Photo ops

Three day weekend means possibly getting out to shoot a camera or two in the coming days. During my lunch hour on Friday I braved the noon traffic and drove to the outskirts of Downtown Honolulu and witnessed art in the making. What has come to be an annual gathering of graffiti artists creating murals … Continue reading Photo ops


Assorted …

Over the next few months I'll be sending various cameras off for repairs and/or maintenance. Hopefully they'll return in good working order so they can remain in my permanent collection. Definitely not selling these anytime soon after I'll be dropping quite a tidy sum. Lastly I sold my first camera lens combo recently a Nikon … Continue reading Assorted …

Island Life

Several storms came awfully close to Oahu this summer. Hurricane Lane in particular shut down the entire state for nearly a week. The canoes belong to my club and were moved further on shore  in preparation for the storm. The following photographs are from August 23rd.