DC Comics Rebirth

So I bought single issue comics for the first time in decades. The local comic shop I bought the books from is called Other Realms and located just outside of Downtown Honolulu in an industrial area. The store is clean and seems new I’ve gone the last two Fridays after paddling practice and there’s some customer traffic going through. The comics I bought are DC Universe Rebirth #1 and Justice League #50, they were a bought week apart and I’m out of luck as far as getting a hardcopy of Superman #52.  I ended up buying a digital copy of Superman and skimmed through it last night, if there’s a second printing I may purchase a hardcopy. The Rebirth issue was a good read and there were enough callbacks to my era of comic buying, pre-Crisis, so the story kept me engaged and entertained. The Flash will always be Barry Allen for me even though he was never a favorite character of mine. I hope this latest rebirth DC is going through will give the company a direction and focus on stories that are more escapist and not so set in a hard reality. I’ve always believed that comics are at their best when the stories, for lack of a better description, embrace and initiates the reader into a sense of disbelief because comics are a genre of fantasy. Well I’ve got two more comics to read so I better get to them before my interest wanes, but I’ll definitely be following what DC is doing over the next few months just to see if anything else piques my interest.


Batman v Superman

i finally got to see the big DC movie of the year almost two months after it premiered. I’ve listened to numerous podcasts and heard all the spoilers about the movie and all the negative reviews. Here are my thoughts on the movie that I thought was entertaining and which I ended up liking. Ben Affleck did a great job as Bruce Wayne/Batman and Gail Gadot as Wonder Woman was next level, I absolutely loved her music when Wonder Woman first showed up. Henry Cavill is great as Clark Kent and okay as Superman but I think he would be lights out if his role was better written. Zack Snyder’s direction was over the top and tried so hard to be epic the entire time kind of like being at a rock concert with the volume turned to 11 and no change. The movie laid the groundwork for the upcoming Justice League movie and I have to admit I’m looking forward to it and I’m especially interested in the Wonder Woman movie. Lots of stories coming from DC to movie land in the next couple years hopefully the movies only get better.

I’m a comic guy through and through

My 14 and 16 year old went to a lecture of PIXAR creator/execs on Wednesday night at their school. It was disheartening to hear that the standing room only audience consisted of mostly adults. My kids told me there were some elementary and middle school kids along with a handful of high schoolers but even combined they were still fewer compared to the adults. I know that comics have been written for an older audience for a couple of decades now and the material being produced currently, in my observation as a YA librarian, is not attracting younger readers. My heyday of collecting was in the early 80s and I stopped buying comics right before Crisis on Infinite Earths. I would occasionally read the odd trade if I came across one at my university’s library and then I started to follow more regularly when I began working in the library system. I enjoy reading the older material, especially stories from the 70s and 80s, they range from goofy makes no sense whatsoever to great entertaining reads that make me want to learn more about the heroes. I don’t sense that fun or escapism from current comics that are trying so hard to be serious and mature. What’s funny is I get that goofy escapism from DC’s TV shows like the Flash and Supergirl although I haven’t watched many shows of either series yet. Hopefully there is a kid following these shows and  he or she gets that same itch I once had and begins to search for the source material of these programs. How great would that be.

Bronze age of comics

The Bronze Age of DC Comics 1970-1984 by Paul Levitz is one of the latest purchases for my library. It is a huge book in oversize format with over 400+ pages of art. The height of my comic collecting took place between 1981 to 1983 although I had comics in my possession pre-1981, many without their covers, although I don’t remember how I got them. I also read comics from my local library during that time and I remember them being DC horror, mystery, and war titles. Sadly I don’t know if my comics from the 80s are still around.

Camelot 3000 I loved this comic outstanding art and the legend of King Arthur.

DC Comics Present 59 starring Superman and the Legion of Subs this comic was a fun read, IMO fun is missing from current comics but then again the readership sadly is for guys like me in their 40s.

JLA 184 with art by George Perez one of those coverless comics I owned when I was younger.

The Great Darkness Saga from the Legion of Super Heroes this came out during the summer of 1982 and I was deep into comics at that time. I knew there was tons of backstory for the Legion and the New Gods I just did not have access to a comic store that sold back issues.