Off season paddling 

The last week has been warmer than usual for January. The wind has been coming from the south which has led to heavy vog over the island but beautiful conditions on the water. I love paddling when the winds are kona because the water is so clear and flat. The vog from Kilauea also enhances the sunsets. Here are photos from the past few days of paddling.

Diamond Head at dusk on Friday (photo Moto X)
Diamond Head Sunday morning (photo Moto X)
Fresh fish for lunch after Sunday’s paddle(photo iPhone 6)


Weekend wrap up

This weekend was a busy one for me. Friday afternoon I went paddling after work and it was a hard one with only eight guys split between two boats and fighting an east wind back from Kewalos to the buoy at Ala Moana Bowls. The end of practice was the best because of the wave we caught at the inside section of Pops no matter how small the wave is it never gets old.

Saturday afternoon I attended my first comic book convention at the Hawaii Convention Center. I volunteered with the Friends of the Library (FLH) which allowed me admission, $40 for Saturday only, into the event. I promoted the library system’s upcoming Summer Reading program and library card app while the FLH volunteer was handing out flyers for their upcoming book sale which benefits the library system. There were lots of cosplayers and I tried to get those with the best outfits to pose in front of my booth with a library card. I was also able to geek out a little and get some comics signed by Chris Claremont and Rick Hoberg and buy several trade paperbacks. It was a fun experience and I definitely want to attend another convention, I’m also sure I’ll be volunteering at this summer’s FLH booksale.

Sunday I went to Kamehameha Canoe Club’s final potluck of the preseason. The club will start their regatta season next weekend and I’m thinking the potlucks on Sundays will slowly fade away because their regatta race days, Saturdays, are very tiring. I would have liked to stay with Kamehameha but the Saturday race schedule conflicts with my work. Anuenue’s regatta season starts Sunday June 7th and while I’m looking forward to racing in the club’s koa canoe I will miss the paddlers at Kamehameha.

Lots of photos from this weekend especially the convention.

Friday full moon over Diamond Head just after sunset.

Rick Hoberg

Chris Claremont looks like he’s enjoying this story arc from Marvel Team-Up.

I got Chris Claremont to pose at the Friends of the Library booth!



I know Deadpool is in the middle.

Boba Fett on the right.

The Shredder

The Punisher and the Kingpin

Wonder Woman and two Captains.


Queen Amidala on the left.

Cat Woman on the left.

Harley Quinn

Sunday’s potluck

Thursday out and about

Same old same old, Wednesday afternoon I went paddling after work and Thursday morning I took the Butt out for a beachwalk.

Walking to my after work “office.”
The route and numbers.
Thursday morning beachwalk with my best bud.

Bright colors always get my attention.
Old style Kapahulu house near my workplace.
New style Kapahulu house with nice color combo.

Anuenue Friday

Not much of a practice today due to the kona (South) wind and building South swell. Safer to stay inside and just loosen up and enjoy our time on the water. Regatta is fast approaching so I’m hoping we start practicing our sprint distances and turns the next couple weeks.

View of In-Between Kaiser’s and Rockpiles from the club site.

The mileage and route for Friday.

Wednesday paddling

Today was hard getting motivated to go to practice. When I left work it was raining and windy, I didn’t know if anyone was going to show so I was a little apprehensive driving to the beach. What got me going was driving along the Ala Wai and seeing boats in the water and the crews not seeming to mind the weather. When I got to my practice site I saw my guys there and I felt ready to go, it was great too that we were able to fill two boats. We did 6 miles starting from the Magic Island buoy to the outside international buoy to Kewalo buoy and back to Magic Island non-stop. It was a hard paddle workout but felt good because my boat ran pretty good.

Hard to tell from the pic but it was worse than it looks here, the practice site when I first got there the rain had just passed and it was cold and windy.

Did sprints at Kaiser’s before heading in shore.

End of practice comparison no rain, light wind, and it actually felt warmer.

Tonight’s route.

First paddle 2016

First paddle of 2016 happened on Sunday morning with crews from Hui Lanakila, Kamehameha, and Waikiki Surf Club. There were a total of 5 boats in the water and we went to the Diamond Head bouy and back to the Kamehameha club site. We passed lots of spear divers along the way but it’s an even numbered year so it’s open season in Waikiki for fishing. Lots of fun can’t wait for the next one.

I paddled with MapMyRun! Distance: 9.00mi, time: 02:03:33, pace: 13:44min/mi, speed: 4.37mi/h.

Memorial Day weekend paddle

New club, new destination, and I paddled on a Saturday which is very rare. This is the farthest distance I have gone one way, 7.45 miles, and to a place I haven’t paddled to before. The 6 man crew took about an hour and a half with some breaks to get to Keehi Lagoon from the club site. The water was nice and the wind only got tough from the Keehi channel buoy till we landed on the beach it was a great experience.

My new club launches at the McCully Bridge into the Ala Wai.
Passing the fishing village on Mokauea Island.
Paddling through Keehi Lagoon small boat harbor.
Getting near the end passing moored ships/barges.