Film on Friday 9

Snapshots from the Olympus 35 RC rangefinder, a shutter priority camera, using Kodak Ektar 100 and shot at box speed. Bad combination of camera and film for a new shooter like me. I recall taking these photographs in bright sunlight but I may have erred in one and/or all of these steps by selecting the wrong shutter speed, not setting the F/stop to Auto and then setting the aperture manually.  Nearly the whole roll looked underexposed to me. The featured image being one of the few that turned out sorta okay and the other photos I tweaked the exposure level some to my liking. I’ll definitely give the Olympus another try but perhaps with another type of film.

Photos taken in January and February of 2017.


Film on Friday 8

Shot in March 2017 on an overcast day in Wuxi, China with a Yashica T3. No edits and again I forgot to record the film used.


The Grand Buddha at Ling Shan stands 288 feet tall!


Temple walkway on site of Grand Buddha.

Film on Friday 7

Snapshot from January 2017 with the Minolta XG1 using Ilford HP5 400. The XG1 is an aperture priority camera and I liked shooting it but it has failed on me already which I recorded here. I set the camera aside and forgot about it, weeks maybe months later I was fiddling with it and lo and behold the darn thing worked. Regardless of the malfunction I’ll shoot the XG1 again because I liked using it and to see if the malfunction occurs a second time and try to figure out what the fault is.

Ala Wai boathouse kayak rack.


First of many test shots that will be taken at the surf break Publics in Waikiki. Kodak Ultramax 400 shot with Minolta SRT 202, lens MC 50mm f1.4. No edits.