Film on Friday 17

Two shots from an Olympus point and shoot that is not a Stylus (Mju). Complete with light leaks.

Waimanalo Beach
Diamond Head

Film on Friday 15: revisiting my problem

An addendum of a sort to the Film on Friday 12 post.

Roll call:

Canon FTbn working.

Minolta Alpha 7 working and feels oh so good in my hands.

Minolta X-700 working.

Minolta XD-11 eBay purchase and the second model I’ve bought, working.

Minolta XD-s eBay purchase third model and it works too. I want to love these XD cameras but I don’t. Little superficial things bother me like the too sensitive shutter release and the slippery feel of the camera skin.

Nikon F4 eBay purchase working but the film auto feed is tricky I’ve lost one roll because it didn’t spool correctly and another I had to rewind early. Otherwise I like shooting it and it takes great photos.

Nikon FM working.

Olympus OM4 working.

Ricoh 500 GX a teeny tiny rangefinder about the same size as the Olympus 35 RC but this fits my hands better. It takes terrific photos and no light leaks apparent in the first roll despite the light seals being beat to hell.

Cameras with rolls in progress:

Minolta SRT Super

Nikkormat FT2

Olympus 35 SP


Minolta XE-7 just because …

Pentax ME Super my second purchase of this model. Cheaper to buy another one than repair my first purchase.

Film on Friday 9

Snapshots from the Olympus 35 RC rangefinder, a shutter priority camera, using Kodak Ektar 100 and shot at box speed. Bad combination of camera and film for a new shooter like me. I recall taking these photographs in bright sunlight but I may have erred in one and/or all of these steps by selecting the wrong shutter speed, not setting the F/stop to Auto and then setting the aperture manually.  Nearly the whole roll looked underexposed to me. The featured image being one of the few that turned out sorta okay and the other photos I tweaked the exposure level some to my liking. I’ll definitely give the Olympus another try but perhaps with another type of film.

Photos taken in January and February of 2017.

Film on Friday 6

A special Flashback Friday Film on Friday edition. I travelled to the Eternal City this past Summer and I managed to take a similar photograph of one from 21 summers ago.

St Peters 1996
Original taken during my first trip to Rome in the Summer of 1996. Camera used Olympus Stylus.
Photo Oct 06, 8 10 31 AM
Enhanced original using Photoshop Express. I believe that is me on the right of the photo, back towards the camera staring above.
St Peters 2017 2
Similar photograph taken on my second visit in June 2017. Camera used Nikon 6006 with 20-35mm, F 2.8 lens.
My lens set at its widest and trying to take in the massiveness of St. Peter’s. (Nikon 6006 w/20-35mm, F2.8)

Film on Friday 3

Came across this post I had left in Draft purgatory and noticed that I had already published a Film on Friday 4.

Latest roll of film processed and scanned on Tuesday and my first from an SLR, the Olympus OM2. Overall I’m pleased with the pictures I took there were a few misfires and I made a huge mistake by rewinding my film the wrong way and then opening the film compartment. I lost the last few pictures I took at my children’s carnival. Oh well lesson learned. Lastly I’m very happy with the higher resolution scans I requested this time. Here’s a sampling of my photos, shot with Kodak Ultramax 400, with no alterations some are dark due to photographer error hopefully my skills will continue to develop and I’ll take less under exposed pictures.