Kona 2.0

I completed a goal before my fiftieth birthday in December by participating in the Queen Lilioukalani canoe race. This was the second time I went to Kona for the event, the first time I suffered an injury at the race start and was unable to compete. The course is eighteen miles and my crew of six completed it in 2 hours and 30 minutes. We were not the fastest team on the water for sure but it was a great team and individual experience nonetheless.

The crew at race start in Honaunau.
IMG_0035 (1)
The “controlled” chaos at the race start.


The crew at the finish, the King Kamehameha Hotel in Kailua-Kona, I’m the second from right.



One frame

Monday afternoon paddle from club site to Honolulu Harbor buoy and then home again, always Diamond Head in sight to begin and end practice. Frame capture from my trusty GoPro Hero 3+.

Na Wahine O Ke Kai

Photos taken on Sunday the 24th of September at the finish line of the women’s race across the Molokai Channel. The 41 mile race begins at the Hale O Lono Harbor on the island of Molokai and ends at the beach fronting the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Oahu. My canoe club’s boat launch faces the finish line so we always have a front row seat at the conclusion of the men’s and women’s races across the channel. It’s a great way to spend a Sunday with a fun atmosphere.

Hilton Hawaiian Village Rainbow Tower. (Nikon 6006/Portra 160/50mm 1.4D)
Waiting for the Anuenue Canoe Club’s women’s crew at the club’s boat launch and the day’s picnic site. (Minolta SRT 202/Kodak Ultramax/50mm 1.4)
Spectators competing for shade. (Nikon 6006/Portra 160/50mm 1.4D)

Kailua Bay Challenge

Finally after four seasons with my canoe club I got to participate in my first distance race. It was a looong 13 miles, give or take,  but a great experience and I want to do it again next year.

Kailua bay challenge
The race course for Kailua Bay.
Members of the club’s two crews entered in the race. I am the man in black.

Aloha Friday

Been feeling lazy and not as motivated to go paddling in the afternoon but I always end up at the club site after work. If there are enough guys to fill a boat we’ll go out, get our workout, and if there are waves catch one at Pops and ride it in to the Sheraton. It’s still pre-season but I hope more guys will be coming out soon so we can train for a race before regatta starts in June.

Short paddle, new steersman, just so good to be on the water.
Friday night sunset gorgeous.

Off season paddling 

The last week has been warmer than usual for January. The wind has been coming from the south which has led to heavy vog over the island but beautiful conditions on the water. I love paddling when the winds are kona because the water is so clear and flat. The vog from Kilauea also enhances the sunsets. Here are photos from the past few days of paddling.

Diamond Head at dusk on Friday (photo Moto X)
Diamond Head Sunday morning (photo Moto X)
Fresh fish for lunch after Sunday’s paddle(photo iPhone 6)