Not the best pics of the mulberry plant but there’s a lot of fruit on it now.


goings on

Hibiscus on the lanai.

Mao hau hele or yellow hibiscus.

Front yard has gone off.

Starting to see the appeal of raising orchids.
Finally got one of these things to bloom after having killed so many previously.

Painted a wall, will post the after pics later.
Installed one of the Bach coat hooks I purchased nearly a year ago. Saw this in a blog I follow.

Hook in action.
Took him on a couple of long walks this past Easter weekend.

She’s 10 now.

More front yard work

Continued working on the front yard. Changed it a little by removing one of the pink ginger and replacing with two red ti (which can be seen at the top of the pic). 
Different viewpoint and the pink ginger I moved can be seen in its new place (bottom right corner of pic). Also added green ti that’s the floppy looking plant in the right middle of pic.
Here’s a before pic.