stuff growing in my backyard

making some corrections to my post.

Last Monday I got to plant two of my four hibiscus. They are both endemic white hibiscus but separate species one developed on Oahu the other on Kauai.

This one is the Oahu white hibiscus or kokio keo keo pualoalo.

One day it’ll look like this
Photograph: H.Lennstrom

This one is the Kauai white hibiscus or kokio keo keo.

One day it’ll look like this

Photograph: Peter Goltra
Here’s more info from Hui Ku Maoli Ola, a native Hawaiian plant nursery, and the pic above is from the National Tropical Botanical Garden.

Of all the native white hibiscus, which are the only naturally fragrant hibiscus in the world, these are probably the most fragrant.  Endemic to the Waimea Canyon region of Kaua’i, this native Hawaiian plant can handle full sun, drought, all kind weather.

Here’s some other stuff I have growing in the backyard:

The mango tree which was already here when we moved in August of 1999 … the kids came later. Hopefully we get some mangos this year the last few have been sparse.

Here’s an apple banana tree I planted in November, in about 18 months I’ll have bananas.
All right that’s a mini tour of my backyard.

In bloom

Found these plants that my wife bought a year ago languishing in the backyard. They had somehow survived the house renovation earlier this year so I set out to revive them a month ago. I am most definitely not a green thumb and neither is my wife. I just repotted both with a combination of potting soil, compost and black cinder then started watering on a regular schedule. Now both are doing better and starting to bloom … well I think the crown of thorns is budding flowers those things on the top don’t look like leaves.