Thursday out and about

Same old same old, Wednesday afternoon I went paddling after work and Thursday morning I took the Butt out for a beachwalk.

Walking to my after work “office.”
The route and numbers.
Thursday morning beachwalk with my best bud.

Bright colors always get my attention.
Old style Kapahulu house near my workplace.
New style Kapahulu house with nice color combo.


May weekend

Saturday was Free Comic Book Day and it was the library’s third year of participation in the giveaway program. I ordered 150 comics this year, paid for by grant money from the Friends of the Library, and only 7 were left at the end of the day. This year 4 cosplayers volunteered their time and did a 2 hour appearance at Waikiki-Kapahulu.

Comics before and after the giveaway.
Photo ops were popular with all ages.

I went to the wifey’s open house on Sunday it’s located on the ridge above the valley we live in so I was curious to see the views from up there.

Here’s a view into my valley from the wifey’s open house my home could not be seen from the vantage point it is deeper in the valley going right.
Million dollar view from the ridge looking directly south at Diamond Head crater.
Looking south southwest at Waikiki skyline.

Thursday out and about

Thursday mornings I start work later so I can take my buddy for a walk and let him run off leash a little too. I’ve been taking him to Diamond Head for a change of scenery and the walk there seems to give me more of a workout also, I think it’s the slope of the beach and the sand is not as packed tightly along the waterline so I sink deeper when I step. Lots of photos in this post everything from maps to house porn.

Dude’s hot so he goes in for a dip.

Today’s route and stats.

Tide was low this morning so it exposed a lot that’s usually underwater.

Supposed to be a swell coming in on Friday but these two are catching some early wave energy.


This house is showing its Asian influence.

At work when she ran by and that hair just popped.

Creeping on houses

Thursday morning walk with my Boston Terrier at Hunakai Beach. Snapped pics of some beach houses that I think are classic style Hawaiian homes with modern touches. Enjoy the house porn. In future posts I’ll include homes that look not so Hawaiian from this stretch of beach.

Going in order of house size this is the “smallest” but the one I consider the nicest looking from what I can see.

The covered wrap around lanai is this house’s best feature.