Nikon F5 note

My F5 has an electronic gremlin. I have finished shooting a test roll with fresh batteries but sometimes when turning on my camera all power is lost. The LED display goes blank and I have to let the camera sit and “rest” for a few minutes. When powered off the camera will display the number … Continue reading Nikon F5 note

Notes from home

I’ve been at home sheltering in place since Friday, March 20th. I was supposed to return to work after April 3rd but my leave has been extended until the 30th. My wife and daughter have been at home since the 16th. This year my children were supposed to have a Spring Break that overlapped but … Continue reading Notes from home

Photo a day

iPhone X. Kakaako. Pow Wow Wrap Party. Graffiti artists have been working in Honolulu for a week painting new murals or touching up previous work. My wife, daughter, and I went for dinner and visited some spaces with art work. I’ll be taking a break at this time until I have more content to post. … Continue reading Photo a day