Film on Friday 3

Came across this post I had left in Draft purgatory and noticed that I had already published a Film on Friday 4.

Latest roll of film processed and scanned on Tuesday and my first from an SLR, the Olympus OM2. Overall I’m pleased with the pictures I took there were a few misfires and I made a huge mistake by rewinding my film the wrong way and then opening the film compartment. I lost the last few pictures I took at my children’s carnival. Oh well lesson learned. Lastly I’m very happy with the higher resolution scans I requested this time. Here’s a sampling of my photos, shot with Kodak Ultramax 400, with no alterations some are dark due to photographer error hopefully my skills will continue to develop and I’ll take less under exposed pictures.



Funny but in my first visit to Venice in 1996 my new bride and I did not make it over to Murano. For our  vacation in 2017 we finally made up for it and went over twice to walk its canals and of course watch the glassblowers. My son took a glassblowing class his senior year in high school so he arranged the excursions to Murano, these are his pictures.


This past weekend was the club’s first long distance practice. It was awesome to see a half dozen boats in the water filled with the men and women of the club. The coach this season wants to bring the club together again and I am all for it, for too long it has been two separate programs. Looking forward to the coming weeks.

Venice redux 21 years later

In June I visited Venice for 3 nights with my family, it was my second visit and I enjoyed it more than my first. It may have been a combination of travelling with my kids, being more relaxed, and having a larger budget in my late forties than my mid twenties.
Stylish couple.
Grand Canal entrance to San Marco Square.
Installation for Venice Biennale.
Ponte dell’Accademia view from vaporetto.
 Ponte delle Guglie spans the Cannaregio Canal
Wooden bridge in the Cannaregio neighborhood.
View of Madonna dell’Orto Church – Cannaregio district.

Aloha Friday

Been feeling lazy and not as motivated to go paddling in the afternoon but I always end up at the club site after work. If there are enough guys to fill a boat we’ll go out, get our workout, and if there are waves catch one at Pops and ride it in to the Sheraton. It’s still pre-season but I hope more guys will be coming out soon so we can train for a race before regatta starts in June.

Short paddle, new steersman, just so good to be on the water.
Friday night sunset gorgeous.