Wedding anniversary on Lanai

Spent a couple of nights on Lanai at one of my favored resorts. First night there my and I took a sunset cruise and marveled at the thousand foot sea cliffs on Lanai’s leeward side. The next day we went skeet shooting a first for both of us firing guns.

One trip done

April’s trip to San Francisco was great. One untested Contax 139 off my camera checklist. Hopefully I’ll get some images that are blog worthy. The plan is to get my film developed after the Los Angeles trip in May.

Back in a boat

The last three Wednesdays I have gone paddling with my canoe club. It had been 2 plus years since I paddled in a 6 man a few weeks ago. The coconut tree we hang our keys on is taller than I remember.

Packing list

Come April I’ll be spending 8 nights in the San Francisco area. I am bringing an untested Contax 139 with the 50mm Planar lens and a roll of Portra 400 on the trip. What can I say I like to live dangerously. I’ve had the Contax in my possession since 2017 maybe 2018 I can’t … Continue reading Packing list