Film on Friday 26

Olympus PEN FT. I was all set to sell it and then the scans from what I thought was the last roll of film I'd shoot with this camera comes back from the Darkroom. Of course the pictures I took turn out looking great and now I'm rethinking if I should hold on to this … Continue reading Film on Friday 26


Picture taking

I follow a bunch of photography blogs on WordPress Reader and several of the writer/photographers have made the decision to shoot less film and more digital. I've also come to this crossroad and will be shooting equal parts film and digital. Like the other writer/photographers I follow one of the big reasons I will be … Continue reading Picture taking

Island Life

Several storms came awfully close to Oahu this summer. Hurricane Lane in particular shut down the entire state for nearly a week. The canoes belong to my club and were moved further on shore  in preparation for the storm. The following photographs are from August 23rd.

Kona 2.0

I completed a goal before my fiftieth birthday in December by participating in the Queen Lilioukalani canoe race. This was the second time I went to Kona for the event, the first time I suffered an injury at the race start and was unable to compete. The course is eighteen miles and my crew of six completed … Continue reading Kona 2.0