Friday on the water

Friday afternoon practice.


Ocean therapy 2

I've been a free agent this week and paddling with my old crew. Different vibe with these guys, definitely easier going personalities, equally intense practices but there's always a chance to end practice with a surf.

Kona 2.0

I completed a goal before my fiftieth birthday in December by participating in the Queen Lilioukalani canoe race. This was the second time I went to Kona for the event,¬†the first time I¬†suffered an injury at the race start and was unable to compete. The course is eighteen miles and my crew of six completed … Continue reading Kona 2.0

One frame

Monday afternoon paddle from club site to Honolulu Harbor buoy and then home again, always Diamond Head in sight to begin and end practice. Frame capture from my trusty GoPro Hero 3+.