Batman Day

Pictures from the Batman Day program held at the Waikiki-Kapahulu Public Library on the 23rd of September. Some participants came dressed others made Batman or Harley Quinn masks. All photos taken with Nikon 6006/50mm 1.8D/Portra 160.

May weekend

Saturday was Free Comic Book Day and it was the library's third year of participation in the giveaway program. I ordered 150 comics this year, paid for by grant money from the Friends of the Library, and only 7 were left at the end of the day. This year 4 cosplayers volunteered their time and … Continue reading May weekend

Taiko program

I hosted a taiko drumming program today and it went well. I was a little worried at first because there was no one around 10 minutes before the start. I had a flashback of no one coming like my last program. At 5 to people started showing up and more continued coming in during the … Continue reading Taiko program