Funny but in my first visit to Venice in 1996 my new bride and I did not make it over to Murano. For our  vacation in 2017 we finally made up for it and went over twice to walk its canals and of course watch the glassblowers. My son took a glassblowing class his senior year in high school so he arranged the excursions to Murano, these are his pictures.

Venice redux 21 years later

In June I visited Venice for 3 nights with my family, it was my second visit and I enjoyed it more than my first. It may have been a combination of travelling with my kids, being more relaxed, and having a larger budget in my late forties than my mid twenties.
Stylish couple.
Grand Canal entrance to San Marco Square.
Installation for Venice Biennale.
Ponte dell’Accademia view from vaporetto.
 Ponte delle Guglie spans the Cannaregio Canal
Wooden bridge in the Cannaregio neighborhood.
View of Madonna dell’Orto Church – Cannaregio district.

Family on Friday

A rare occurrence happened which compels me to record it. My family took our Boston Terrier for a walk on the beach at Diamond Head. The kids came through the sheer force of my wife’s will, I very much enjoyed it and would love to have it happen more but … The kids had a good time the sunset was spectacular and the wife and I got some great pictures

End of Summer

A quick summary of my activities since my last post nearly a month ago. Over the Labor Day weekend I traveled with the fam to Kona so I could do the Queen Lilioukalani long distance race. Unfortunately I blacked out prior to the race and was unable to participate. Needless to say I was very disappointed because I had been preparing myself for this race and I was looking forward to doing it since another crew from my club did it last year and had a great experience. Also due to my black out I was held out from work and could not drive. I got the OK from my cardiologist to drive and work last week and a few days later I got the go ahead for recreational paddling. I have yet to get back in a boat but I am looking forward to doing it and also a little apprehensive, I’m afraid of being out of paddling shape already.

Looks like there is more travel in the future for the fam as a group and individually. The girl is going to Cuba at the beginning of the New Year with a school group and the wife is going on a girls only trip with her buddies. There is a strong possibility we maybe travelling next Spring Break and next Summer. The summer trip will be the boy’s graduation gift and he is interested in traveling to Italy before starting college next Fall. Lastly I want to go to Kona again next year and do the Liliou so I can get my first long distance race notched onto my paddle.

Hello summer my old friend


Different name same blog I got tired of using Blogger hence the move, I’m hoping I won’t have as much trouble posting from my phone with WordPress. I’m well into summer with regatta almost done and by happenstance or circumstance I haven’t raced in nearly a month. I missed Waimanalo because of another engagement and then at Waikiki my crew’s outrigger broke during the race so we couldn’t even finish. The club is going to be transitioning to long distance practices soon and hopefully I can do two races, one in Kailua and the other in Kona. The regatta practice grind is gonna last for a couple of more weeks and maybe longer if the crew qualifies for the State Championships.

Comics read

I was doing well with my reading until I let Marvel Unlimited lapse. I’ll likely re-subscribe in August but take a break for the time being. Here are my latest reads: Amazing Spider-Man 102, Avengers 126, Captain America 176, Incredible Hulk 271, Tomb of Dracula 54, X-Factor 34.

Other activities

The big family trip is coming up soon at the end of July and I think we’re all looking forward to it. I’ve been taking the Boston to DH more often and sometimes I even manage to snap some photos, summer is my favorite time and I intend to enjoy the next month and a half.

Tuesday afternoon crowd.
Still grinding for regatta.


Out and about

Activities include:

Comics read
Amazing Spider-Man: 101
X-Factor: 25
Fantastic Four: 257
Incredible Hulk: 181
Justice League: 43, 44

Work related
I volunteered at the annual Friends of the Library booksale on Monday the 20th. A first for me and a return to the sale after close to 20 years. The school cafeteria where it is held was just as warm as I remember it and the heat took a toll on me because I was done at the end of my day. 

On Sunday the 19th, Father’s Day, I got a sweet present from my family who spent the day with me at Nanakuli Beach the site of my third regatta race. Nanakuli is one my favorite places to race the water is so blue and clear and the start is just beyond the shorebreak so its a fast out, three turns, and back in sprint. I’m glad my family had a good time out there they really enjoyed the water. My crew did not do well again because our turns are slower than the other teams, this is where the other boats gain on us. 

My view of the race I snuck a camera on the boat and snapped this pic at the starting line.
Green flag means go Novice A crew! Thanks for the photo Dr. Pete Caldwell.

I did not attend a single practice this past week, I’m already afraid of the pain this coming Monday. No canoe race for me on Sunday the 26th because my wife has a luncheon planned.


The second regatta race was held on Sunday in Kailua and the boy followed me. I was very grateful that he came with me and kept me company on the drive over the Pali, not much talk between us but at least he spent time with me. I had hoped my crew would do better than our 6th place finish but we had the wind and chop, along with bad timing, a collision at the second turn, and another near miss at the third turn going against us in one wild race. Live and learn, shake it off and on to Nanakuli for our third race on Father’s Day.

First turn in a three turn race.