Mono Monday 1

Banyan trees on Kodak TMax 100 shot with Canon F-1n. First roll and it looks there are light leaks.

Waikiki Banyan

Banyan on the Capitol grounds.


Film on Friday 6

A special Flashback Friday Film on Friday edition. I travelled to the Eternal City this past Summer and I managed to take a similar photograph of one from 21 summers ago.

St Peters 1996

Original taken during my first trip to Rome in the Summer of 1996. Camera used Olympus Stylus.

Photo Oct 06, 8 10 31 AM

Enhanced original using Photoshop Express. I believe that is me on the right of the photo, back towards the camera staring above.

St Peters 2017 2

Similar photograph taken on my second visit in June 2017. Camera used Nikon 6006 with 20-35mm, F 2.8 lens.


My lens set at its widest and trying to take in the massiveness of St. Peter’s. (Nikon 6006 w/20-35mm, F2.8)

Na Wahine O Ke Kai

Photos taken on Sunday the 24th of September at the finish line of the women’s race across the Molokai Channel. The 41 mile race begins at the Hale O Lono Harbor on the island of Molokai and ends at the beach fronting the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Oahu. My canoe club’s boat launch faces the finish line so we always have a front row seat at the conclusion of the men’s and women’s races across the channel. It’s a great way to spend a Sunday with a fun atmosphere.


Hilton Hawaiian Village Rainbow Tower. (Nikon 6006/Portra 160/50mm 1.4D)


Waiting for the Anuenue Canoe Club’s women’s crew at the club’s boat launch and the day’s picnic site. (Minolta SRT 202/Kodak Ultramax/50mm 1.4)


Spectators competing for shade. (Nikon 6006/Portra 160/50mm 1.4D)


Funny but in my first visit to Venice in 1996 my new bride and I did not make it over to Murano. For our  vacation in 2017 we finally made up for it and went over twice to walk its canals and of course watch the glassblowers. My son took a glassblowing class his senior year in high school so he arranged the excursions to Murano, these are his pictures.