The Sad Truth of Public Theater

Great post I wish I could articulate like this the feelings I have in the current cultural climate.

word and silence

Watching all the arrivals for the funeral for George H. W. Bush on TV, there was a split second where I saw Al Gore talking with Dick Cheney. It was no big deal, and the camera found similar instances of supposed political enemies basically shooting the breeze. I’m not sure about other countries, but it’s not uncommon in the US to see former presidents hanging out together, even people who ran against each other—the late George Bush and Bill Clinton were pretty close, for instance.

Many of these moments—at least the ones that are now fodder for Twitter and cable news (I put Twitter first on purpose)—are clearly staged to some extent. But it’s also true that many of these kinds of meetings and friendships are genuine. Yet the cynicism of the 2016 election, and the mistrust of public figures and public spectacle that has been going on for decades…

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Night blooming serious

Night blooming cereus cacti line the rock wall along my daughter's school. There are some mornings when the entire 100+ yard wall has hundreds of blooms but they have already begun to wilt from the rising sun.