Hello summer my old friend


Different name same blog I got tired of using Blogger hence the move, I’m hoping I won’t have as much trouble posting from my phone with WordPress. I’m well into summer with regatta almost done and by happenstance or circumstance I haven’t raced in nearly a month. I missed Waimanalo because of another engagement and then at Waikiki my crew’s outrigger broke during the race so we couldn’t even finish. The club is going to be transitioning to long distance practices soon and hopefully I can do two races, one in Kailua and the other in Kona. The regatta practice grind is gonna last for a couple of more weeks and maybe longer if the crew qualifies for the State Championships.

Comics read

I was doing well with my reading until I let Marvel Unlimited lapse. I’ll likely re-subscribe in August but take a break for the time being. Here are my latest reads: Amazing Spider-Man 102, Avengers 126, Captain America 176, Incredible Hulk 271, Tomb of Dracula 54, X-Factor 34.

Other activities

The big family trip is coming up soon at the end of July and I think we’re all looking forward to it. I’ve been taking the Boston to DH more often and sometimes I even manage to snap some photos, summer is my favorite time and I intend to enjoy the next month and a half.

Tuesday afternoon crowd.
Still grinding for regatta.



Out and about

Activities include:

Comics read
Amazing Spider-Man: 101
X-Factor: 25
Fantastic Four: 257
Incredible Hulk: 181
Justice League: 43, 44

Work related
I volunteered at the annual Friends of the Library booksale on Monday the 20th. A first for me and a return to the sale after close to 20 years. The school cafeteria where it is held was just as warm as I remember it and the heat took a toll on me because I was done at the end of my day. 

On Sunday the 19th, Father’s Day, I got a sweet present from my family who spent the day with me at Nanakuli Beach the site of my third regatta race. Nanakuli is one my favorite places to race the water is so blue and clear and the start is just beyond the shorebreak so its a fast out, three turns, and back in sprint. I’m glad my family had a good time out there they really enjoyed the water. My crew did not do well again because our turns are slower than the other teams, this is where the other boats gain on us. 

My view of the race I snuck a camera on the boat and snapped this pic at the starting line.
Green flag means go Novice A crew! Thanks for the photo Dr. Pete Caldwell.

I did not attend a single practice this past week, I’m already afraid of the pain this coming Monday. No canoe race for me on Sunday the 26th because my wife has a luncheon planned.

Following the footnotes

Doing some comics reading and also catching up with a favorite podcast Alan Middleton’s Quarter-Bin in which he reviews Marvel Two-in One no. 57. I have a hard copy of this comic but of course I couldn’t find it in my collection so I brought it up on Marvel Unlimited and started reading it before I listened to the podcast. Halfway through the book I came across the first of several editor’s notes and jotted down it and the subsequent comics listed. One of the best features of Marvel Unlimited is the convenience in which I can find the listed back issues and enrich my reading experience. Not all the comics noted are available digitally but I find them more often than not, I have since added in my to read books Amazing Spider-Man no. 187 and Avengers no. 126. Looking forward to reading those back issues and coming across more editor’s notes.

DC Comics Rebirth

So I bought single issue comics for the first time in decades. The local comic shop I bought the books from is called Other Realms and located just outside of Downtown Honolulu in an industrial area. The store is clean and seems new I’ve gone the last two Fridays after paddling practice and there’s some customer traffic going through. The comics I bought are DC Universe Rebirth #1 and Justice League #50, they were a bought week apart and I’m out of luck as far as getting a hardcopy of Superman #52.  I ended up buying a digital copy of Superman and skimmed through it last night, if there’s a second printing I may purchase a hardcopy. The Rebirth issue was a good read and there were enough callbacks to my era of comic buying, pre-Crisis, so the story kept me engaged and entertained. The Flash will always be Barry Allen for me even though he was never a favorite character of mine. I hope this latest rebirth DC is going through will give the company a direction and focus on stories that are more escapist and not so set in a hard reality. I’ve always believed that comics are at their best when the stories, for lack of a better description, embrace and initiates the reader into a sense of disbelief because comics are a genre of fantasy. Well I’ve got two more comics to read so I better get to them before my interest wanes, but I’ll definitely be following what DC is doing over the next few months just to see if anything else piques my interest.

Weekend wrap up

This weekend was a busy one for me. Friday afternoon I went paddling after work and it was a hard one with only eight guys split between two boats and fighting an east wind back from Kewalos to the buoy at Ala Moana Bowls. The end of practice was the best because of the wave we caught at the inside section of Pops no matter how small the wave is it never gets old.

Saturday afternoon I attended my first comic book convention at the Hawaii Convention Center. I volunteered with the Friends of the Library (FLH) which allowed me admission, $40 for Saturday only, into the event. I promoted the library system’s upcoming Summer Reading program and library card app while the FLH volunteer was handing out flyers for their upcoming book sale which benefits the library system. There were lots of cosplayers and I tried to get those with the best outfits to pose in front of my booth with a library card. I was also able to geek out a little and get some comics signed by Chris Claremont and Rick Hoberg and buy several trade paperbacks. It was a fun experience and I definitely want to attend another convention, I’m also sure I’ll be volunteering at this summer’s FLH booksale.

Sunday I went to Kamehameha Canoe Club’s final potluck of the preseason. The club will start their regatta season next weekend and I’m thinking the potlucks on Sundays will slowly fade away because their regatta race days, Saturdays, are very tiring. I would have liked to stay with Kamehameha but the Saturday race schedule conflicts with my work. Anuenue’s regatta season starts Sunday June 7th and while I’m looking forward to racing in the club’s koa canoe I will miss the paddlers at Kamehameha.

Lots of photos from this weekend especially the convention.

Friday full moon over Diamond Head just after sunset.

Rick Hoberg

Chris Claremont looks like he’s enjoying this story arc from Marvel Team-Up.

I got Chris Claremont to pose at the Friends of the Library booth!



I know Deadpool is in the middle.

Boba Fett on the right.

The Shredder

The Punisher and the Kingpin

Wonder Woman and two Captains.


Queen Amidala on the left.

Cat Woman on the left.

Harley Quinn

Sunday’s potluck

May weekend

Saturday was Free Comic Book Day and it was the library’s third year of participation in the giveaway program. I ordered 150 comics this year, paid for by grant money from the Friends of the Library, and only 7 were left at the end of the day. This year 4 cosplayers volunteered their time and did a 2 hour appearance at Waikiki-Kapahulu.

Comics before and after the giveaway.
Photo ops were popular with all ages.

I went to the wifey’s open house on Sunday it’s located on the ridge above the valley we live in so I was curious to see the views from up there.

Here’s a view into my valley from the wifey’s open house my home could not be seen from the vantage point it is deeper in the valley going right.
Million dollar view from the ridge looking directly south at Diamond Head crater.
Looking south southwest at Waikiki skyline.

Batman v Superman

i finally got to see the big DC movie of the year almost two months after it premiered. I’ve listened to numerous podcasts and heard all the spoilers about the movie and all the negative reviews. Here are my thoughts on the movie that I thought was entertaining and which I ended up liking. Ben Affleck did a great job as Bruce Wayne/Batman and Gail Gadot as Wonder Woman was next level, I absolutely loved her music when Wonder Woman first showed up. Henry Cavill is great as Clark Kent and okay as Superman but I think he would be lights out if his role was better written. Zack Snyder’s direction was over the top and tried so hard to be epic the entire time kind of like being at a rock concert with the volume turned to 11 and no change. The movie laid the groundwork for the upcoming Justice League movie and I have to admit I’m looking forward to it and I’m especially interested in the Wonder Woman movie. Lots of stories coming from DC to movie land in the next couple years hopefully the movies only get better.